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the secret to happiness is...


Say ‘Cheese!’

Gif not mine but whoever did this, it’s pure gold!

Now all we need is an EXO M one to match, lol!


Baekyeon in the streets but Baekyeol in the sheets doe…


The perfect gif to describe my reaction to everything right now


The perfect gif to describe my reaction to everything right now

Did I make it that easy,

To walk right in and out of my life?

How Exo members suddenly started dating
SM: we need something to cover up the fact that you guys are way too gay with each other.
Exo: ....
SM: Especially you Baekhyun and Chanyeol
Chanyeol: I like Kai
D.O: *gives death stare and pokes Chanyeol violently in the stomach*
Kai: No need to fight over me ladies
SM: This is exactly what I mean... that's why we're going to have Baekhyun "date" a SNSD member.
Chanyeol: I object!
SM: No one cares derp face.
Chanyeol: Kkaebsong~
Baekhyun: so... who am I dating?
SM: Taeyeon
Baekhyun: yehet!


and i never want to see you unhappy

i thought you’d want the same for me…

goodbye my almost lover;

goodbye my hopeless dream;

im trying not to think about you

cant you just let me be?

so long my luckless romance

my back is turned on you

should’ve known you’d bring me heartache

almost lovers always do.

photos and inspiration from this edit

Friend: "How's life?"
Me: "He's with Taeyeon."
Friend: "Who?"
Me: "My life."

Park Chan Yeol 

Park Chan Yeol 


Picture Prompt: All Chanyeol wants is for a chance to hold Baekhyun’s hand. Therefore he attempts it as often as he can. Baekhyun notices Chanyeol’s sudden fixation with lacing their fingers together, and decides that he rather enjoys the attention.